More Information on How to Start Potty Training

Potty training is a very interesting phenomenon yet very challenging to some parents. But, it really doesn’t have to be any hard. As a parent you don’t have to rely on trial and error, there are lots of potty training methods that you can get from the internet on how to start potty training to achieve a diaper free household faster and more efficiently than you can imagine.

When to Start Potty Training

There is no specific time when a child should be trained on how to use a potty because people train their kids at different ages. However, potty training can ideally start as soon as you notice that your child is uncomfortable with the diapers. You may realize that a kid is changing his face once he pees on his diapers. Even kids that are as young as one year adjust to potty and get a lot of fun from the activity.

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Tips on How to Start Potty Training

Predictable bowel times- a parent can be able to know if the child is ready for potty training if the child starts to have predictable bowel times. With this it will be possible to determine when to make a child sit on a potty.

Dry period-if the child has dry spells for at least two hours continuously, or he is not soiling the diapers during the naps, then one should know that the kid has developed bladder control. This is a perfect time to start the training.

Calmer behavior – children are known to move around and cannot stay stable even for a minute. If the child starts to sit down at a place for 2 to 5 minutes it shows he can be co operative during potty training.

Cognitive signs – if children have a word for pee or wee, they are more likely to develop bladder control and would generally start telling their guardians whenever they feel like doing it.


How to Make it Work

Intense preparation-one should remember that this is not a casual toilet training; it is about making sure that a child is ready for potty training. With a start potty training review you can help your child to be ready, both physically and emotionally. As one uses the review, she should assemble all tools and potty aids to be able to train the kid effectively. A good potty training review has guides that will work with you step by step.

Clear schedule- one should sacrifice all the required time to the training to be able to help the child effectively.

Tips on How to Start Potty Training

Introduction to Potty Training

It is important to put some ideas about potty training on a child’s minds. This can be done by for example placing a child on the toilet each night before bathing. This will help on eliminating fears and anxiety.

Use of a puppet

Both girls and boys learn quickly when an adult models an action for them. One can purchase a big sized to fit on a child’s potty and squeeze in some water. When a child sees this he/she can follow the suite

Reward system

Reward is the biggest motivation to everything. Have a small basket with toys and candies and allow a child to pick each time after using the potty.


Fast results- start potty training review gives results in a few days time.

Clear information-one will be able to get thorough explanation from start to the finish.

Helpful tips-parents get important tips to help them during potty training.

Practicability-there is cheat sheet video for trainers to be able to follow appropriately.

Economical- there is less strain on budget as one will no longer buy diapers.


Time-one needs to devote all the time to the training which makes it hard for busy parents.

Predictability-children are so unpredictable and tweaking the method according to the child can be challenging.

Obviously, pros outweigh the cons because there are really no cons for your baby.

Why Should People Use The Start Potty Training Review?

This review is written for parents and guardians who want to take action, rather than spend weeks reading hundred of books on potty training. Instead, with the use of this review they get a thorough guide for comprehending how to start potty training in a few days.

Many have confessed that the review worked for them as it is flexible enough to fit every child and person’s situation. With effective information, not only will the child benefit but parents will no longer need to go through the strenuous task of changing diapers. Potty training is the bridge to every child and a parent’s autonomy.


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